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Road Safety Tips for Darker Days

Prince George, Community Policing Services- In light of three recent pedestrian deaths in our community, the Prince George RCMP would like to offer the following safety tips to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike.


Drug Traffickers Convicted in Kelowna

B.C., Federal Serious and Organized Crime- On August 6, 2014, three drug traffickers were convicted following a 2010 seizure of 97 kilograms of cocaine. The Kelowna-destined cocaine was being imported to Canada from Argentina, when it was seized by Canada Border Services (CBSA) Officers at Vancouver International Airport’s Air Cargo Operation.

Emergency Preparedness

- Over the course of their lives, many Canadians will face severe weather, fire, floods or other unforeseen events. Although disasters like these are beyond our control, there are ways to reduce their potential consequences.

Crisis Intervention Team

Crisis Intervention Training- CIT is a community-based program that promotes strong working partnerships between emergency services and mental health services.